The Different Types of Hawks

The different types of hawks vary widely in appearance and behavior. These large and powerful birds can live in various habitats. They may be found in wet areas, coniferous forests, or perched on lookouts. They are very active at night and can be seen for miles, so identifying them in their habitat is easy. You can find out more about these raptors at birding websites. They will tell you what to look for, and what kind of food they’ll eat.

Ferruginous hawks live in the western half of North America, and migrate as far south as Mexico. This hawk is very adaptable to its habitat, and can nest on a rock outcropping with a 1,000-foot drop. Their food preferences include small mammals and other birds. Depending on where they live, you may even see these hawks in your neighborhood. If you’d like to see some hawks in the wild, check out the following species.

Most hawks live for about thirteen to 25 years, but this can vary greatly depending on the species and the impact of climate change on their habitat. Some hawks can live for much longer in captivity. The longest known hawk lived in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and was thirty years and eight months old when it died. During this time, it learned to hunt by eating road kills. There is a wide variety of hawks in the wild, but it is the Red-tailed hawk that has the longest lifespan.


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