Psychic Review – Phoenetic

Psychic Review – Phoenetic

Phoenx is a leading psychic 4/7 psychics outlet in New Zealand and is located on the banks of the Harbour River. The building is designed as an art centre with open floor plan, connecting five reception rooms and two reception areas. There is a full service salon on the ground level with two levels of parking, a fitness centre and a spa for clients to relax after their professional readings. There are also some beautiful gardens with winding stone walkways and private summer gardens. There are also two conference rooms that can be used as a meeting place for corporate and conference clients.


The location is perfect for people who are travelling or need to find somewhere quiet and secluded to have their reading. People come to Phoenetic because they want a personal and psychic connection with someone who they can trust. They will have a more personal experience and come away feeling much more relaxed and happy. People who have had past readings at Phoenx have also commented that this is a positive and memorable experience as well as being very insightful.


If you are thinking about having a psychic reading then you could do worse than choosing the recommended psychics from Phoenetic. They have some very gifted and popular professionals that are also available to provide readings. All the psychic’s have been professionally trained and tested, and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In addition to the regular psychic services, they also offer energy healing, crystal ball gazing and other mediumistic forms of psychic development.

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