Healthcare Logistics in New Zealand

The healthcare industry in New Zealand is seeing tremendous growth with a lot of companies taking advantage of the large potential markets in the country. With New Zealand’s welcoming population and skilled labour, many companies have expanded into countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and China to take advantage of their low labour costs. In addition, the New Zealand government has provided a great deal of assistance to companies looking to expand their presence in the country. Healthcare logistics NZ, a company based in Christchurch, is taking advantage of the healthcare landscape, working with national and international manufacturers to increase access to the market and improve overall healthcare supply chain performance. Find Out –

Working in Health Care Logistics

Healthcare logistics in New Zealand has seen great growth over recent years as the healthcare sector continues to undergo rapid change and evolve. In 2021, the global healthcare market was stagnant or declining and it was this lack of movement which led to inefficiencies in logistics planning and execution. Healthcare logistics in New Zealand was able to address these issues by developing a series of policies, enabling providers to meet demand in the supply chain, lowering overheads and improving cash flow.

Healthcare logistics in New Zealand has been able to attract a number of international manufacturers looking to create manufacturing hubs in the country. According to healthcare transport organisations, New Zealand’s transportation network is being enhanced through improvements in air cargo services, freight rates, and increased connectivity to overseas locations. The healthcare industry is anticipated to experience continued growth and is forecasted to grow faster than other sectors over the next few years, due to the limited supply of labour in the country and the high demand for low cost health products.