A Review of Willow Tree Nativities by Julia Cameron

The series of books written by Julia Cameron, Willow Tree Nativities is not for everyone. The series covers everything you need to know about life in general and even touches on things that pertain to your relationship with God. Many people are turned off by the somewhat mysterious nature of such a book, but if you’re open to new and different things, you will find that Julia Cameron’s series will open up some eyes. For instance, did you know that the book itself was originally written as a tarot card reading?

Willow Tree Nativities is definitely not for everyone

That’s right, the book was actually meant to be a Tarot card reading, but due to one poorly worded letter, the publisher decided to write it as a book instead. So, you can either get the “real” book or just read the popular ones like the Twilight Channel readings and New Moon. As for Julia Cameron herself, she is a medium and works as a psychotherapist and spiritual advisor. Her knowledge of both worlds has allowed her to create some very insightful books on topics such as relationships, families, the darker side of humanity, and much more.

Willow Tree Nativities is definitely not for everyone, but if you’re willing to give it a shot, you may be surprised at just what you find. The characters in this book act as guides, sometimes in a very subtle way. Sometimes they are guides who will lead you into unfamiliar territory and show you things that are otherwise unseen. At other times, they will lead you directly into situations that you may not be prepared for. If you enjoy mystery, this book is not for you but if you prefer to simply feel the presence of God or angels, then this is an amazing book to read.

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